Frequently Asked Questions

For Teachers

  • How much does it cost to be listed on this web site?
    FREE – there is no charge for listing your teaching services.
  • How do I add a listing for my services?
    Click on “Create Listing”.  Your listing will display on the web site as soon as you “save” the listing.
    You can always go back and edit your listing by clicking on the title and the yellow “edit listing” button.
  • When I update “My Account” it doesn’t change “My Listing”.  Why?
    “My Account” is private information & enables us to send you notifications.
    My Listing is the public presentation of your Teaching services.  This is the part to focus on.
  • What should I include in the Description section?
    The first questions every student or parent will ask are your rates & your availability.
  • How do I get Reviews for my Listing?
    Send a link to your Listing Page to current & past students and have them give you a review.
    Good reviews will lead to more good students.


Selling an Instrument

  • Who can list instruments for sale on this web site?
    Teachers, students and businesses can offer stringed instruments for sale on this site.
  • How much does it cost?
    $10 per instrument per year.
  • How do I create a listing?
    Click on “Create Listing”.
    Add a title such as ” Old German Violin”.
    Add a description of the instrument.
    Phone number & Location are optional.
    Ignore the teacher information lines.
    Check the box for “Instrument for Sale”
    Select up to 12 photos to display.
    Save Listing.  This will take you to a payment page.
    Payments are accepted online via PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account.
    PayPal offers a secure way to pay via credit card.
    Your listing will be live immediately after receiving payment.
  • Can I edit my Listing?
    You can edit or delete your Listing at any time.
  • Will I be automatically charged again to renew my Listing?
    No. Your Listing will automatically be removed in 365 days unless you choose to renew.


  • We won’t sell or provide your information to any one else.
  • The information you post in listings is public information and can be seen by the general public.  You can omit your phone number if you prefer to communicate with potential students/buyers through private messaging through the web site.
  • We may send notices to members from time to time. You can op out of these occasional notices.